Our Journey

PRISM Institute has been working in the intersecting areas of 

risk technology

public policy/regulation

sustainable development

globally since 2016.

Undertaking extensive research in partnership with leading academic institutions and acting as a trusted advisor, PRISM Institute has assisted public and private sectors in OECD countries and developing economies to adopt and implement contemporary approaches and practices to regulatory delivery and sustainable development.


During this journey, PRISM Institute has recognized the growing challenges in governance of risks associated with increasingly complex, interdependent systems and behaviours.

Limitations in regulations and siloed governing structures for delivery further exacerbate the ability of regulators to effectively address emerging social and economic challenges.

Furthermore, extreme events such as the Covid pandemic, progressively worsening ones such as climate change along with systemic inequities including gender discrimination  has led to failures with negative consequences on interconnected societal well-being.

The lack of disaggregated, localized data has created gaps in understanding such interconnected risks and their impacts especially among vulnerable communities.

Learn about our innovative model to address these gaps.