Global Experts in Risk, Regulations and Sustainable Development

A centre for excellence and innovation in developing and deploying evidence based solutions for managing risks in the public interest and achieving sustainable social outcomes.

Risk Assessment

We identify, evaluate and analyze risk using evidence and data, predictive modelling, story-telling and data visualization.


Prism Institute and its partners develop innovative tools and technologies to collect, analyze and use data that can be used for achieving social outcomes


We provide strategic guidance and operational support to successfully manage incidents, issues, raise public awareness and implement regulatory change.

Stakeholder Engagement

PRISM’s advisors lead public consultations and stakeholder meetings to ensure key constituencies are effectively engaged.

Regulatory Solutions

PRISM’s advisors excel at engaging and navigating government decision-making processes.

Public Policy

Our analysts and researchers produce reports that are key to driving legislative and regulatory change.


Our approach has been successfully implemented in diverse areas including public health, process and product safety, global security, environment and climate change and across industrial, commercial, transportation, energy, public and residential infrastructure and retail sectors.