Prism Institute Solutions

Prism Institute advocates for a synergistic top-down/bottom-up approach to manage interconnected risks and achieve desired socio-economic outcomes.

Risk Informed Regulatory Delivery

Prism Institute’s regulatory delivery model and framework has been developed based on UK’s Regulatory Delivery Model (RDM), UL 2984 Standard, and Outcome Based Cooperative Regulation (OBCR).

Regulators in the food security, health and safety, trade and economic development, and circular economy sectors amongst others are currently testing and implementing Prism Institute’s model.

Prism Institute developed concept papers and research documents –

Internet of Things Report

Use of New Technologies in Regulatory Delivery – Summary Note and Case Studies

The Regulatory Future of Emerging Technologies – A Scoping Paper on Gaps and Opportunities

Can SDGs Lead to Better Regulatory Outcomes? Canadian and Global Perspectives

Theory Paper on Contemporary Regulatory Models: Recommendations for Modernizing Australia’s Food Regulatory System 

ComeAI – Community Empowerment through AI

ComeAI (Community Empowerment AI) is an innovative decision making framework that empowers marginalized communities with the capacity, tools and governance to

  1. Generate, own, and visualize localized data and analytics on climate change and other risk indicators and utilize them to;
  2. Identify, agree and co-design intervention priorities with the help of;
  3. A partner ecosystem that helps implement interventions to improve their lives, livelihoods and the environment.
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