Our Vision

A sustainable, safe, and healthy world built on a foundation of evidence, innovation and partnerships.

Our Renewed Mission

Helping reduce risks to sustainable well-being across communities globally

Our Understanding of Sustainable Community Wellbeing

An acceptable state of sustainability acheived by a community with respect to 

in an equitable, inclusive, and climate resilient way.

Our Desired Impact

Governmental and regulatory institutions:

Structured to understand and manage risks from interconnected systems affecting sustainable well-being


Empowered with knowledge and tools to influence policies and investments affecting their sustainable well-being

Private sector:

Equipped with necessary intelligence to invest responsibly in well-being initiatives across global communities  

Our Values

We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by:

    • Demonstrating integrity in our approach;
    • Earning and maintaining trust of our clients, partners, and stakeholders;
    • Ensuring objectivity in our process and methods.

Our Influence

Prism Institute’s work and advice has influenced the following governments and institutions around the world:

  • Australia



  • United States          Canada           United Kingdom           Germany          Kazakhstan          Russia     

         Democratic Republic of Congo           Vietnam          Malaysia          Zambia          Finland

Our Board of Directors

Srikanth Mangalam

Ajay Narayanan

Mohan Krishnamoorthy

Our Team of Advisors – Past and Present

We are leading scientists, engineers, analysts and strategists in risk and regulations. We are experts in risk management, communications, public policy and evidence-based decision-making. We work collaboratively with civil society, academia, industry, regulators and government to design complete regulatory solutions. Our focus is on reducing regulatory burden, enhancing safety outcomes and advancing community well-being.

Vasumathi Srikanth

Christopher Hodges

Priya Agrawal

Ruth Steinholtz

Leigh Sharpington

Humphrey Kisembe

Partnerships, Collaborations and Clients

Prism Institute works with the following partners, collaborators and clients :


  • Mother of Perpetual Help Foundation

Collaborations and clients