We work with data to make risk informed decisions
that reduce regulatory burden, best apply resources and achieve social outcomes.

Using the Prism Collaborative TM model, Prism Institute has worked in partnership with several national and sub-national governments, multilateral institutions and other organizations to create appropriate policy and regulatory environments, support building capacity and infrastructure including leveraging smart technologies to help achieve sustainable development goals.

Prism Institute works in three key areas of social and sustainable development:

1. Enabling Policy and Regulatory Environments

Prism Institute conducts research for national and sub-national governments and helps them develop policy and regulatory environments that are geared to achieving development outcomes in an integrated fashion. Prism Institute provides a platform for exchange of ideas and  best practices on modern regulatory frameworks by organizing workshops and conferences. 

2. Building Capacity and Infrastructure

Prism Institute provides support to government and non-governmental organizations in building capacity and infrastructure for meeting policy and regulatory goals. To this end it lends ongoing support to regulators in implementing institutional reform and change management in an efficient and effective manner.

As one of the pioneers in studying and championing of the use of emerging smart technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) by governments worldwide as an innovative tool for ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing unnecessary regulatory burden, Prism Institute continues to explore and advance their use to provide creative incentives to businesses and build competitive environments while achieving sustainable goals in public health, safety and environment.

3. Data Stewardship for Public Interest

The role of good data and evidence is at the core of sound policy making and governance in public interest. To this end, Prism Institute continues to work on improving access to disaggregated, relevant data to all decision-makers and community stakeholders engaged in the pursuit of sustainable development goals.

Prism Institute is working with our partners and collaborators to create community data cooperatives to enable equitable data ownership and responsible data use for sustainable development.

Prism Institute’s work and advice has influenced the following governments and institutions around the world:

Partnerships, Collaborations and Clients

Prism Institute works with the following partners, collaborators and clients :


Collaborations and clients